Fuengirola Sushi Restaurant Sukiyaki

When a restaurant serves delicious Asian food with a smile, then as far as I’m concerned the place has a winning formula at hand and that’s exactly what happens at Sukiyaki restaurant on the Paseo Marítimo Rey in Fuengirola.

Sukiyaki restaurant

Although the restaurant works with an all you can eat’ concept, you won’t find an ‘all you can grab buffet’ as all food is served at your table. The restaurant has a sleek Japanese style décor with lots of dark wood, glass and some Asian paintings.

The state of the toilet – always one of the first things I check, since I think it is a good indicator of the cleanliness elsewhere in a restaurant – is encouraging. It’s clean, it looks neat, spacious and the door can actually be locked, which always feels like a small miracle in southern European countries.

The menu

Apart from gorging yourself at a fixed price, the menu is comprehensive and digitized. Each guest orders five snacks at a time, on a user-friendly friendly tablet, which has pictures and information about the different dishes. You may reorder the various dishes unlimited times and the menu also includes two small desserts per person.

Moreover, it warns you of potential allergens – provided you have indicated this beforehand. Very useful in my case, since I am allergic to crustaceans – so basically everything that swims in the sea and has legs, thus crab, lobster and shrimp are the forbidden fruits. But that is okay as there is plenty of other food to choose from, including dishes with chicken, salmon, tuna, rice, cod, beef and vegetables.

After you have sent the order, the beautifully presented food takes about ten minutes to arrive. Then you can electronically place the next order. In our case two rounds were more than sufficient.

Price level

A weekday lunch costs €13.95, weekends, holidays and at night you pay €16.95 per person. Drink, and some specials such as the ‘spider roll’ are extra. Wine goes from €9.95 a bottle, a Coke costs two euros and a Japanese beer €3.20.

Restaurant Sukiyaki Fuengirola


The restaurant is  located on the promenade in Fuengirola, hence the beach makes a pleasant place to digest your food or vice versa the restaurant could serve as a retreat from the sun after a couple of hours of enjoying the sun. From the train station it is a ten-minute walk, so from Malaga or Torremolinos you can eat and have a drink without having to worry about the return trip. If you prefer your car, 150 meters away is a guarded parking lot and in winter one can park anywhere on the boulevard.

Sushi with a smile

The restaurant has only been open since August, but for me it has made a flying start, the food is delicious and nicely presented. You get value for money here. The staff and owners, are very friendly.

If I want to be petty I would say that the place mat is a bit loud for my taste, it does not fit with the rest of the sleek interior. My suggestion is to replace it with a white paper place mat with a limited amount of text, preferably in black or red.

Secondly, the desserts in both the Spanish and Asian kitchen tend to take a back seat. There was nothing wrong with them, though I suggest you save on the calories and enjoy more of the savory Asian dishes instead.


So you know: this restaurant review was made on request by Kosta Magazine.

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