Kayak Tour Cordoba

Imagine sitting on a boat; well to be precise in a kayak. The sun is slowly going down, whilst the river meanders towards the monumental city of Córdoba. You float effortless towards the historic Roman Bridge, there is plenty of time to enjoy the view.

The only sounds to be heard are your fellow kayakers and the birds nesting on the riverside. At this time of the year, before winter, the Guadalquivir is shallow, creating a quiet relaxing flow, which makes the river movements almost serene. Because of the low water levels, there is no motorized traffic on the Guadalquivir, thus ensuring a safe passage, perfectly navigable, even for young children.

The Roman Bridge

The Roman Bridge – the ultimate goal of this trip – was built early 1st century BC across the Guadalquivir River. The 247-meter long bridge has 16 arches and is 9 meters wide. Over time the bridge was several times restored. The 14th and 15th arches are the only ones remaining in its original state.

Cordoba sunset
Kayak Tour Cordoba

A kayak tour is a unique way to see this impressive construction from a different side, as most people will see the bridge exclusively from above.

The Guadalquivir

The Guadalquivir is 657 kilometres, (408 miles) long and the only great river in Spain that is navigable. In Roman times one could navigate all the way up to Córdoba, now only Seville can be reached from the sea.

The name originates from al-wadi al-kabir, “great valley” or “big wash” in Arabic.

Kayak Tour Cordoba

Practical information

  • The trip is short and because of the minimal effort perfectly doable with small children.
  • The tour company offers kayaks with one, two or three seats.
  • This tour was organized by Maria Font, our local guide.
  • In summer it would be wise to bring a bottle of water onboard and plenty of suncream.
  • Wear sneakers, as flip-flops will get lost in the muddy underground when trying to enter or leave the boat.
  • Hotels, hostels and any other accommodation in Cordoba can be relatively expensive compared to other Spanish cities. Make sure to book your accommodation early to get a good price.

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