Imagine sailing on a crewed catamaran with friends, a light breeze, crystal clear sky and the sun is about to set. Just take a pause from the cruising for a swim in the open sea followed by a sundowner.

catamaran sailing Malaga

5 Pictures that prove sometimes life is just perfect.

sunset Spain

Two hours of bliss on the water.

sundowner Spain

Sundowning into the sunset, a toast with your friends. That is the way to do it.

sailing Malaga

The sea as flat as a plate-glass window.

catamaran sailing Malaga

Catamaran tours

The owners of Zostera Catamaran Tours, Sebastian and his wife Lourdes, guide you through a truly special natural and gastronomic experience. The best scenery, with views on the Andalusian coastline are undoubtedly at time of sunset.

Other options are:

  • a tour around the Maro-Cerro Gordo Cliffs Nature Reserve, the park has small coves and cliffs. Here you can go snorkeling with corals, sea sponges and colorful fish.
  • or enjoy an on board meal with seafood paella and fresh lobsters from La Caleta.

Caleta de Velez

Although Caleta de Velez is just a dot on the Malaga map it has one of the most important fishing ports in the whole of Andalusia (source). Annual sales of prawns, cod, red mullet, shellfish and octopus now surpass 5 million kilos. Unfortunately public access to the fish market and auction is prohibited.


Practical Information

We took a two hour sunset tour and paid 25 euros per person for the privilege; one hour will only set you back 15 euros. The company is based in the harbour of La Caleta de Velez in the province of Malaga (Spain). For some post-tour fine dining head to restaurant Chinchin Puerto next to the office. Parking is free. The town is 35 kilometer away from Malaga capital. Take the N-340 to the coast and head for the port.

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