Cascada is a restaurant in the hills near Marbella, in the province of Málaga in southern Spain. The menu is largely based on Spanish cuisine starring Andalusian classics and some international snacks. The focus is on local products: fish, vegetables, olive oil, according to the zero km philosophy.

Opening hours

The opening hours of the restaurant are from one o’clock in the afternoon until late. The restaurant does not close it doors between lunch and dinner. This means you can have dinner as early as five pm if you wish, a big plus in this part of the world were most kitchens don’t open till late, especially when travelling with small children.

During summer you can enjoy a meal outside surrounded by the gurgling sound of water, because the terrace is next to a ‘cascada’ which means waterfall.

The best restaurant in Marbella

Restaurant Cascada Marbella

It is raining on the day of our visit, but inside a cosy fire is going and pleasant music is playing in the background. The waiter who welcomes me, immediately asks if I’m ‘the journalist’ … Well a blogger, a sort of journalist.


The menu consists of no less than five pages, far too many for someone like me who already suffers from overchoice at the moment.

So I ask David the waiter, to choose something for us. Preferably some dishes to share with my lunch companion, thus following local custom of tapear. I eat anything as long as it’s cooked properly, except prawns and their relatives because of a crustacean allergy.

Tapas to share

David takes my request in his stride, the only thing he wants to know is what wine to serve, which in my case is always red, regardless what I am eating and no Rioja please.

A variety of dishes soon appear: cheese from Grazalema; grilled naan bread with tomato tartar; duck liver terrine; tiger prawn soup specially for me without prawns. Baby goat chops, sad yes, but tasty; steak, to please the carnivore opposite me and corvina (a fish I have never heard of before).

Spanish cuisine

It all tastes great.

The chef who is from Málaga, previously worked at a Michelin star restaurant in Zamora, in northern Spain. Rafael, the chef began to work in the hospitality industry at the tender age of seventeen.

His experience shows, the food is beautifully presented, tastes great and, hallelujah, he even knows how to use fresh herbs. Unique in the province of Malaga, in my humble opinion. I taste fresh coriander, mint, basil, marjoram and cumin.

From all the food presented I find the cheese the least appealing, there is nothing wrong with the cheese, but the cheese just tastes like cheese, that is it.

Tasty desserts

But then desserts.

The waiter suggests two puddings: His first choice is ‘death by chocolate’, which takes ten minutes to prepare. Well worth waiting for.

So far so good.

Only the second dessert, the tiramisu,  I have problems with. Forget Fellini, Ferrari and the divinely tasting Barolo. Tiramisu is Italy’s gift to the world. There is no need to add anything to this, as it already tastes perfect, except maybe replace the raw eggs with fresh cream (because salmonella).

In short, this dessert does not taste like tiramisu, it does not look like tiramisu, so for me it’s not tiramisu. This pudding, I gladly offer to my lunch partner.

A coffee and brandy to top it all off  and a bill of 108 euros later – largely sponsored – we’re back out the door.


Summarising: apart from the tiramisu which I did not like, it is clear that the chef is passionate about good food. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is pleasant and the prices for Marbella are fine.

Does this all mean that Cascada is the best restaurant in Marbella? Honestly I have no idea, because Marbella has dozens, if not hundreds of restaurants. I have eaten at a few but certainly not all. But what I do know is that as long as Rafael sits at the helm, Cascada Bar & Cocina will be playing in the top league.

Cascada Bar & Cocina

Urb. Montua 39, 29602 Marbella, Malaga

T +34 951 56 78 49

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