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Welcome to my space under the cyber sun.

I am Stefania van Lieshout, a serial expat, mother of two boys, child of two cultures.

I live in Malaga, the south of Spain from where I travel the world when budget and time allow me to do so. A blogger, entrepreneur, the face of this blog, economist, psychologist, traveller, photographer and also talented in making frog faces.

The silent force behind this site is my partner and travel companion. He, who doesn’t want to be mentioned, does most of the pre-travel research, the planning, finds our way home when we get lost and edits most of the blogs.

We often travel as a family, sometimes as a couple, occasionally on our own.

Stefania van Lieshout
Stefania van Lieshout

Inspire, Entertain and Inform

On this award-winning site, I write about my passion; discovering new destinations through all my senses. With my writing, I would like to take you to new places and different cultures: nature, the great outdoors, cities, food, culture, family travel destinations: trying to make this a better world, one blog at a time

Work with me

My objectives are to inspire, entertain and inform (in no particular order). I am a member of the Dutch Association of Journalists, Nederlandse Vereniging van Journalisten and the Costa Press Club in Spain. If you like to work with me, please visit this page, here you will find statistics, opportunities and more detailed information about this blog.

If you like to contact me, press here.

I do make a small amount of money each month from affiliate links like This is how you, as the reader, can give something back (at no extra cost to you) for thousands of hours I have put into this website. Thanks in advance!


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