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On this award winning site I write about my passion; discovering new destinations through all my senses. With my writing I would like to take you to new places and different cultures: nature, the great outdoors, cities, food, culture, family travel destinations: trying to make this a better world, one blog at a time.

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In my defense, the moon was full and I was left unsupervised.

Liechtenstein, no questions asked

Liechtenstein, no questions asked

Liechtenstein – with an area of ​​160 km² and about 40,000 inhabitants – is located between Austria and Switzerland. The country is a European mini-state, just like the Vatican City, Monaco or Andorra.

Madonna della Corona – between a rock and a hard place

Madonna della Corona – between a rock and a hard place

A spectacular sanctuary on Monte Baldo
Madonna della Corona is a salmon-coloured church dedicated to the ‘Madonna of the Crown’, in the town of Spiazzi di Caprino in Northern Italy. The sanctuary is located 774 meters above sea level, overlooking the valley of the river Adige. The church stands on Mount Baldo or rather hangs against a rock face, between heaven and earth, a stone’s throw from Lake Garda.

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