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Huelva, Pure Spain

Huelva, a province in the southwest of Andalusia, is one of my favorite spots in Spain. An ancient culture combined with kilometers of white sandy beaches and gorgeous corners of unspoilt scenery make this a star attraction for nature lovers. Moreover the region is...

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Why a city trip to Hamburg is a good idea

We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us. __________ Winston Churchill Urban design in Hamburg Hamburg is after Berlin the second largest city in Germany with 1.8 million inhabitants. It  has therefore all the big city attractions, including a great choice of...

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The 50 shades of light in Beja, Portugal

Beja in Alentejo Our visit to the sleepy town of Beja, about 180 kilometers southeast of Lisbon, was what you call a stroke of luck. The city happened to be en route to our final destination, and as we had to stay somewhere overnight we booked a hotel in...

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Experience the magic of Sicily

Authentic Sicily Sicily is ancient elegance disguised in crumbling walls and peeling paint. The name of the region evokes images of Don Corleone-like characters, corruption and stranded refugees on Lampedusa. But the island in southern Italy is...

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Welcome to my space under the cyber sun.

I am Stefania van Lieshout, a serial expat, mother of two boys, child of two cultures.

On this award winning site I write about my passion; discovering new destinations through all my senses. With my writing I would like to take you to new places and different cultures: nature, the great outdoors, cities, food, culture, family travel destinations: trying to make this a better world, one blog at a time

I live in Malaga, the south of Spain from where I travel the world when budget and time allow me to do so. A blogger, entrepreneur, the face of this blog, economist, psychologist, traveler, photographer and also talented in making frog faces.

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Enchanting Bucharest

The capital of Romania feels like Paris with a hangover. Wide boulevards, spacious squares and elegant high-rise buildings from the early 20th century give it a French flair. The hangover stems from the turbulent relationship the city has had with the last communist...

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